Sunday, 13 September 2015

Family Ties

Autumn is coming. A gust is followed by leaves dropping. We watched them as we climbed on the rocks.

We shielded the low sun from our eyes and squinted to see Nana. Nana was running. Walk, run, walk, run. Fitter, stronger, faster.

She grins, colour in her cheeks. It is getting easier. It always gets easier. Particularly when you have your own three-year-old cheerleader standing on the corner clapping with chubby paws.

"NANA! Hooray, Nana"

(And when you have a Park Run nearby. Hoorah for amazing, supportive volunteers.)

She jogs past and we return to our park time play. We shall meet her at the end.

* * *

Today was Granddad's birthday.

We wrapped our gifts to him in brown paper and snowflakes doilies and placed them on his desk ready for morning. A lemon drizzle cake, looking slightly the worse for wear after a tousle with the tin, sat on the counter top waiting for candles.

The day was full of chatting, gardening and resting in good company. Strings and piano music filled the room as the Last Night at the Proms rounded off the day.

Happy Birthday to You. From Us.


  1. How lovely, you have made me feel all nostalgic inside! xxx

  2. Awww what a lovely day and lemon drizzle is always my fave x