Thursday, 3 September 2015

ToucanBox - and the demise of the cheap, plastic magazine toy.

Magazines, the bearers of plastic smothered in cellophane which will be undoubtedly strewn and later found under my feet crushed into a thousand pieces.

"But I LOVE Ben10!!!!"

No. No, you don't. You have never in your life seen Ben10. You are in fact infatuated with the plastic rocket launcher affixed to the front. But NO MORE. Magazines, you and I are going on a break.

* * *

The ToucanBox became our compromise. 

A hint of green lies beyond the front door in the porch; I call up the stairs.


Large inquisitive eyes and a mop of blonde hair peer around the banister. 

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* * *

I had struggled with the concept. Is it not frivolous expenditure if employing a bit more time and effort would result in me purchasing the right materials at the right times with the right ideas anyway? I can do this. Surely. Can't I?

And the longer the internal struggle went on, the longer Mister E and I didn't do these crafts - because the right materials at the right time coupled with the right ideas just wasn't that easy to co-ordinate. There was always something missing. So we played with our trains instead.

And then we subscribed.

* * * 

It's more than just a box of craft materials for us now. (Cliche!) It affects our library trips, our imaginative play, our conversation - because we let it.

Our first box turned us into pirates; we made and followed treasure maps, got covered in glue and feathers as our parrot came to life and have wielded cardboard cutlasses at every given opportunity since. 

Our pinterest board is full of wonderful resources from around the internet that helped our pirate play run and run... and run.

Follow Siân's board Preschool :: Pirates on Pinterest.

Suffice to say our subscription rumbles on as Mister E lolls around the house sporting his indian head-dress and dragging his dream catcher along behind him. TheBoyandMe - we are super grateful for your Instagram feed which pointed us in the ToucanBox direction (and aided the abolition of plastic magazine toys in this house!)

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