Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Frozen in the Fairy Castle (with CADW and Chapter Arts)

We love castles. Combine that with an pop-up cinema containing our favourite film and we were always on to a winner.

My CADW membership means that, as well as getting free entry into Wales' castles, I get emails. As I scan through my inbox with squinting early-in-the-morning eyes, I swish past all of the junk email which seems to pile ever higher, before spotting the word Frozen. Castle. Castle. Frozen. Frozen in the castle. Eep.

We call it the fairy castle. We drive past and say that next time we will visit. And the next time. And on we go with the procrastination. Until this time.

£10 for me and £8 for E. We stood in the queue amongst knee high children with flowing Anna and Elsa dresses. The sun was going down and the castle towers started to glow.

Small. Intimate. White chairs filled the courtyard, snowflakes were projected onto the tower and the castle began to gleam as the sun set. Dry ice whirled around our feet as we were whisked away to a land of snow and ice and Disney magic.

We slid into our seats, pulled the crochet blanket up over our knees and cuddled our snacks close. We sang and we laughed and we ate raisins as the (pseudo) snow floated down the tower. 

Our sing-a-long whooshed by in the blink of an eye. We packed our belongings back up, waved and clapped to the organisers before finally drifting back down to the car.

It was late. The stars were out. The castle sunk back into the shadows of the hill.


Chapter Arts (in conjunction with CADW) have another showing of Frozen, this time in Caerphilly Castle on 21 November at 5pm. Get your tickets now!

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