Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween Happenings

We have a favourite park. It's good to have a favourite park. Challenging, self-contained, not too busy.

When we want to escape, we run to Newport Wetlands. And have been going there since E was small.

Grass and gravel, open space, breeze and bird-song. He is big enough now, big enough to climb up and up to the top. I dart around the bottom, still expecting a toddler wobble. But he is a little boy. 

He shimmies up the ladder and gazes out from the top, before launching himself down the slide. The climbing frame forms a lighthouse, and the other a boat. He is captain of the seas for those hours spent playing.


Wellington boots are a must for the sodden grass at this time of year and mean that puddles do not have to be idly passed by. Splish, splosh, we run from one item to the next. And back again.

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Things to do in South East Wales this Halloween

One week until Halloween and we are starting to put together our list of activities. The Wetlands has a Trail of Terror taking place on two separate occasions, both in the morning and afternoon of Saturday 31 October. 

"The terrifying trail will include a walk around the reserve with some hands on activities and [will] finish off with some arts and crafts."

Afterwards we can return to homes filled with central heating and apple bobbing, or play some of the fun games below. Because what else are weekends for?

For some more inspiration this half term, pop over to Cardiff Mummy Says and read through her 50 things to do in and around Cardiff.

What are you up to this Hallowe'en?

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